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Work Wellness: The Basics

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San Joaquin County CalWORKs participants. Must be referred by a CalWORKs Employment and Training Specialist (case manager).


Wellness WORKs! is a center that provides wellness classes and activities to the San Joaquin County CalWORKs population. The Wellness WORKs! program teaches participants the tools needed to become a healthier and productive person in both the home and the workplace.

The One-Week program may be used for CalWORKs participants that have been identified by their case managers as having the following barriers or needs:

  • Frequent job losses (quits and firings) or excuses for not participating
  • Prerequisite for participants without a job history before they enter Supervised Job Search
  • Participants with job offered but the job will not start for one or more weeks
  • Participants who are identified by career assessment counselor as needing life skills training
  • Having difficulty in making satisfactory progress or lack of follow-through on assigned activities
  • Participants who are waiting to start vocational education, job training program, or during school breaks

Work Wellness: The Basics is a One-Week program which covers:

  • Success is a Choice
  • Dress for Success and Image Building
  • Temperaments in the Work Place
  • Health Issues that Interfere with Job Performance and Attendance
  • Physical Wellness
  • Healthy Eating for Better Job Performance
  • The Working Parent
  • Conflict Resolution in the Work Place
  • Managing Job Stress
  • Safety and Prevention of Personal and Workplace Violence

The Three-Week program is recommended for participants with one or more serious obstacles/barriers to preparation for entering the work world or being successful once they obtain a job. Examples of participants who might qualify for the extended curriculum are those in recovery from drugs and alcohol, those with serious health problems (mental, emotional or physical), those with self-esteem so low it interferes with a positive presentation of self, those in abusive relationships, and those with minimal life skills. The Three Week program features the above topics plus:

  • Anger Management
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Money Management

Wellness WORKs! also offers a One-Day program of a two year certification in Basic CPR and First Aid, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers, or Childcare CPR/First Aid depending on the need of the client, through EMS Safety Services.

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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