University of the Pacific

Pacific Speech, Hearing, and Language Center

(209) 946-2381 (Adult Clinic - Pacific Speech, Hearing, and Language Center)
(209) 946-3121 (Children's Clinic - RiteCare Childhood Language Center)

Those who have a speech, hearing and/or language disorders.

No required fee; requested $200 donation per semester (12-weeks) to assist with purchasing of therapy materials

Pacific Speech and Hearing Center provides speech therapy services to adults in the community. Clients work one-on-one with student clinicians in the University of the Pacific's Department of Speech-Language Pathology. Therapy services are provided for fluency, speech, language and voice disorders, as well as cognitive rehabilitation following head trauma or stroke. In addition, aural rehabilitation for individuals with hearing impairment to help maximize communication effectiveness is offered.

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology also staffs the RiteCare Childhood Language Center, serving children from ages 2 to 18 years with speech and/or language disorders. Please call (209) 946-3121 for more information on their program.

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Main Location
757 Brookside Road
Second Floor, Room 227
Stockton, CA  95211
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