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GRID Alternatives is a national non-profit organization that makes renewable energy technology accessible to underserved communities. Through rebates and philanthropic efforts, they bring solar at no cost to income-qualified homeowners living in communities most impacted by environmental pollution.

To be eligible you must:where

  • Own and live in your home
  • Have a total household income in 2019 at or below the following limits: 1-2 person household: $33,820, 3-person household: $53,325, 4-person household: $64,375, 5-person household: $75,425, 6-person household: $86,475, 7-person household: $97,525, 8-person household: $108,575. Add'tl persons: add $11,050 each.

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The goal of GRID Alternatives is to help families save from day one to help alleviate their financial burdens while reducing their carbon footprint. The beneficiaries of the program typically save 60%-90% on their electric bill. Each solar installation also provides hands on solar training for volunteers and job-trainees while spreading clean, renewable energy in the communities that need it the most.

To make these projects possible, GRID Alternatives partners with local government, other non-profits and community organizations to bring solar to lower income families. Since 2004, they have installed over 6,500 solar systems nationwide, have been recognized as a Champion of Change by the Obama Administration and are working with the White House to make solar a more inclusive economy.

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