Gospel Center Rescue Mission

Payee Services

(209) 466-2138 (front office)
(209) 320-2306 (Elva Garcia Payee Director)
(209) 466-4927

Services are provided for individuals that are on SSI and need services to pay their bills and budget their money.

$41.00 monthly

Payee Services is designed to assist clients who receive Social Security Income (SSI) for disability and/or mental health problems to manage and budget their monthly checks. They operate the largest homeless focused non-profit Representative Payee in San Joaquin County overseeing accounts totaling over six million dollars. Their approximately 600 SSI disability recipients need and deserve competent, honest and sympathetic management of their funds.

Therefore it is their purpose to provide services that ensure the payment of rent, utilities and food needs first, and then provide the recipient with funds that will provide for the purchase of their personal care items and services out of the client's remaining resources. Services will be provided in a way that encourages and respects client dignity and participation in determining the use of their funds.

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
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Main Location
445 South San Joaquin Street
Stockton, CA  95203
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