Coalition of Tracy Citizens to Assist the Homeless

Emerson and Rochester Houses

(209) 831-0421
  • Male adults 18 years old and older who are experiencing homelessness
  • For more information on eligibility criteria, please visit their website or call
Subsided fees: $600 a month for the transition program and $700 a month for the permanent housing program.

Coalition of Tracy Citizens to Assist the Homeless (CTCAH) is a small non-profit organization who serves the homeless population. It’s primary focus at this time is operating Emerson House, a transition place for homeless men and Rochester House, a “supportive living” facility for previously homeless disabled and/or senior men who have been through the Emerson House Program and continue to need help so as not to end up homeless again. Each man who comes to live at Emerson House is required to participate in the Emerson House Program and utilize their resources to prepare to live independently – to leave Emerson House when they have secured sufficient income to afford a place of their own.

24-hours per day, 7 days per week.
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