San Joaquin County Veterans Service Office (CVSO)

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Members of the U.S. military, active duty, National Guard and Reserve and/or peacetime/wartime individuals who served in U.S. Armed Forces. Individuals with Dishonorable military service discharge status may be disqualified.

Family members of veterans such as: widows/widowers; children 18-23 enrolled in higher education; child dependents under 18; spouses and other dependent family members.

Mental Health, physical medicine, homeless, elderly, mortuary and justice involved professionals seeking to serve the San Joaquin County Veteran population.


San Joaquin County Veterans Services Office (CVSO) assists veterans to navigate very complex Federal and State regulatory systems and successfully apply for and receive United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and State of California (CALVET) benefits earned by members of the United States military in defense of our Nation.

Unlike other Federal and State benefits, veteran’s benefits (VA) are extremely individualized and must be applied for by the veteran themselves which often requires the assistance of an accredited County Veteran Service Representative (VSR). The VA benefits application, fully developed claim, appeals process, evidence gathering processes and forms contain strict timelines. If the processes, evidence, correct forms and timelines are not met and filed correctly the veteran can permanently lose access to benefits.

Benefits and expertise areas of the San Joaquin County accredited Veteran Service Representatives include: Negotiating appeals processes after claim denials; assisting with National, State and local cemetery admissions; Burial Honors, State driver license and license plate identifiers; State and Federal Home loan programs; local county housing vouchers, Aid and Attendance/Housebound funding; State Veteran Home Admissions; Veteran Life/Disability Insurance; education, rehab and employment services; assistance for SBA veteran owned small businesses; compensation and pension.

Many of the over 31,000 veterans living in San Joaquin County are eligible to receive these earned benefits. Successful claim resolutions result in medical, emotional and financial stability for San Joaquin County veteran families and bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into San Joaquin County.

CVSO serves as a liaison in many areas impacting veteran wellness in San Joaquin County. CVSO collaborates with local community partners to increase awareness, education, and cooperation needed to enhance community involvement and ongoing supportive services for veterans and their families to ensure the veterans of San Joaquin County receive the benefits and advocacy that they deserve.

Assistance with the following is provided:

Educational benefits: Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve, Post 9-11, VR&E; Survivors and Dependents (DEA)

Housing Agency referrals for homeless veterans

Veteran and VA Life Insurance

Burial benefits, Military Honors, Widow/Widower's pension

VA Health Care Application

California College Tuition Fee Waiver for veteran dependents

Comprehensive benefits counseling

Veteran and VA Life Insurance

Claim preparation, submission and appeals assistance with denied federal VA claims

Home Loans - Cal-VET Farm & Home Loan and Federal VA Home Loan

Disability Compensation

Pensions allowances

Clothing reimbursements/Disabled housing modifications

State Veteran Home Applications

Vocational Rehabilitation through VBA/VR & E

Request for military service records

Request for military awards and decorations

VHA Character upgrades and military Discharge upgrades

Services by appointment only: Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.
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