San Joaquin County Probation Department

Juvenile Division

(209) 468-4000
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Ages 7 to 21 years, delinquent (juvenile) and criminal (adult).


San Joaquin County Probation Department is a partner in the Sierra Health Foundation's Positive Youth Justice Initiative (PYJI). The Department and its community partners are changing systems, strengthening support services and increasing awareness countywide to improve the outcomes for crossover youth. Crossover youth are young people who have experienced significant trauma, have a history in the child welfare and foster care systems, and are now drawn into the juvenile justice system. The county has a strong focus on educating and training staff, clinicians and community partners who serve, treat and interact with crossover youth. To ensure young people receive the support they need to become healthy adults, staff and partners receive training on topics such as the effects of trauma and its treatment, positive youth development principles and tools, and girls’ physical and mental health screens and effective treatment plans. Community partners offer youth development groups for crossover youth and encourage interested young people to become leaders within their programs or groups. Their vision provides opportunities for these youth leaders to become peer partners and mentors who will work with other foster system-involved youth, thus providing both intervention and opportunity to contribute in their community.

San Joaquin Probation Department, Juvenile Division protects the public and, if possible, rehabilitates its delinquent (juvenile) and criminal (adult) client. The Juvenile Division of the Probation Department is divided into Community Field Services and Juvenile Hall/Camp. Juvenile Probation works with over 50 public agencies and community based organizations to provide graduated levels of support for youth. The following youth services are offered: intake, informal probation, court probation, Juvenile Court Work Program, intensive probation, Gang Violence Intervention Program, Juvenile Camp, Out-of-Home Placement, Out-of-State Placement and secure detention.

Intensive Supervision Unit: the probation officers in this unit supervise high-risk youngsters who require daily attention in a small caseload.

Placement Unit: when a youngster is adjudged a ward of the Court and physical custody is awarded to the Probation Department for out-of-home placement, this unit matches the youngster's needs with an appropriate placement. These agencies may be foster parents, a group home, a wilderness program, a residential treatment program or an emancipation program.

Other important functions of the Juvenile Division of the Probation Department are step-parent adoptions, marriage consents for those under 18 years old and the sealing of juvenile records.

To find out whether a child is on probation, please call (209) 468-4000 during regular business hours. The receptionist who answers has access to a computerized listing of all active cases in San Joaquin County and the supervising probation officer. After hours, please call Juvenile Hall at (209) 468-4221. Staff has access to the same computerized listing.

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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French Camp, CA  95231
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