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Reinvent South Stockton Coalition (RSSC) is a collective impact movement with over 60 partners focused on the needs of the city’s communities that have been most impacted by historic underinvestment, redlining, and persistent poverty.

All activities and decisions provide residents with tools and opportunities to move up the “ladder of citizen participation.”

RSSC seeks to improve the overall health and well-being of the South Stockton community by addressing several key social determinants of health: trauma, public spaces, affordable housing and homelessness, and engagement of residents in strengthening their communities.

Specific initiatives include:

  1. Stockton Trauma Informed Initiative – works to reduce the stigma related to trauma by training and educating the community and local organizations, influencing policy both at the systems and organizational levels, and creating mechanisms for long-term sustainability and investments.
  2. Parks Beautification and Activation – works in partnership with the City of Stockton and community based organizations to beautify and activate South Stockton’s parks for increased usage by leveraging new upcoming City capital investments in selected South Stockton Promise Zone (SSPZ) parks; organizing neighborhood residents and other stakeholders to conduct needs assessments; sponsoring community design processes; and building new resources and programs that will increase community usage of the parks.
  3. Neighborhood Transformation – builds broad community consensus leading to the establishment of: a) progressive housing policies that increase the availability of affordable housing in the city ; b) an Affordable Housing Trust Fund and other necessary financing mechanisms to expand affordable housing development in Stockton; and c) catalyze the development of a new organization focused on affordable housing and homelessness advocacy in the city and surrounding county.
  4. Trustbuilders – hiring and training residents of South Stockton neighborhoods to plan community building events, engage in community outreach, and refer families to local case management services with a goal to build trust amongst systems and neighbors in order to create a safer community.
Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Main Location
110 North San Joaquin Street
Suite 322
Stockton, CA  95202
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