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Ready to Work

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Homeless in San Joaquin County.


Ready to Work seeks to reduce the number of homeless people in San Joaquin County by helping men with a history of homelessness or involvement in the criminal justice system rebuild their lives and the lives of their families. Clients are active participants in their own success, and learn hard skills that lead directly to jobs. Earned income is the key for graduates to maintain housing and avoid future homelessness. Work instills the value of self-reliance and builds the capacity for long-term success. Ready to Work provides the education and opportunity so that people can take control of their own lives. Existing homeless services are short-term crisis response measures, or only serve narrow populations because of restrictive funding sources. Ready to Work assists people who are ineligible for many other services, but who have the potential to show great strides with the right investment. Ready to Work makes long-term investments in the health, economy, and people of San Joaquin County. They provide housing, food, education, work training, skill certification, stipends, and links to permanent housing for people who want a second chance.

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Main Location
119 East Weber Avenue
Stockton, CA  95202
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Housing Location
999 West Matthews Road
French Camp, CA  95231
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