Astronomy in the Park

Hosted By
Stockton Astronomical Society (Astronomy Club)
Saturday, December 19, 2020 from 4:50 PM to 10:00 PM
Oak Grove Regional Park

Astronomy in the Park

Members of the Stockton Astronomical Society will volunteer to setup their telescopes for the public at S.J. County Oak Grove Regional Park on the Saturday closest to the First Quarter Moon.

During the months of April through October the Nature Center will also be open with indoor astronomy activities. If the sky is cloudy or there is bad weather the telescopes may not be available.

During the months of November through March the Nature Center will not be open. Also, if the sky is not clear the event may be canceled and we will try again the next month.

  • S.J. County charges a Parking Fee of $6.00 per vehicle but the Nature Center and telescope viewing is free.
  • Indoor astronomy themed activities for kids (both big & small) will be in the Nature Center.
  • Telescope viewing starts after Sunset, the Moon will be visible in the telescopes from the start. As the sky darkens more objects become visible. Darker and clearer sky is better for viewing.
  • Every month we will feature a different deep sky object. We will point one of our large telescopes at this object during the last hour of the evening. These objects are dim and fuzzy and are best seen in large aperture telescopes.
  • To view objects it may be necessary to stand on a ladder or step stool that will be next to the telescope.

For more information call:

Eric Holland

Stockton Astronomical Society

Doug Christensen

Stockton Astronomical Society (209) 471-1674

Saturday, December 19

No Indoor activities at the Nature Center Sunset is at 4:50pm

The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn (conjunction), Mars, Uranus 8:00 pm - Deep Sky Object: M33 Triangulum Galaxy