San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office

(209) 468-4400 (Non-Emergency )
(209) 468-5045 (Tip Line)
(209) 468-4445 (Narcotics Tip Line)
(209) 468-4597



Sheriff’s Office, like City Police, is responsible for enforcing state and federal laws and ordinances to include criminal investigations, apprehension, arrests and traffic regulation. The Sheriff’s Office has primary jurisdiction for these services in the unincorporated areas of the county.

The Sheriff is also the Coroner and Public Administrator for the county. The Coroner investigates all suspicious deaths and deaths falling under the guidelines established in the Government Code. As the Public Administrator, he takes charge of and safeguards the property of persons who have died in the county when property is uncared for. The Public Administrator settles estates of deceased persons.

The Narcotics Unit investigates violations of all laws involving illegal possession, sale or purchase of narcotics and dangerous drugs. The Narcotics Unit's mission is to identify, arrest and eliminate drug organizations and individuals who control drug operations. The Unit is also responsible for the timely investigation of citizen complaints regarding narcotics violations.

The Sheriff is also responsible to operate the county jail facilities. They consist of maximum security housing units for pre-sentenced felons and a minimum security honor farm to house sentenced inmates.

24-hours per day, 7 days per week emergency assistance.
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Main Location
7000 South Michael Canlis Boulevard
French Camp, CA  95231
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