People and Congregations Together (PACT)

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Must be willing to work with others in efforts to improve the community.


People and Congregations Together (PACT) is part of a national network of faith-based community organizations. It is a nonpartisan, grassroots, civic organization with a primary focus on social concerns.

PACT's Family Organizing Network works with residents in target neighborhoods to teach them ways to act effectively on common problems to include education, poorly cared for neighborhoods, crime, etc.

  • PACT leaders are engaged in different efforts across Stockton including Lifelines to Healing, Ceasefire and Restorative Justice to help reduce violence and restore hope for our community
  • PACT believes strong schools are a key to a fruitful future for our communities. We work with administrators, teachers and parents to improve the quality of education for students and to increase parent involvement at local schools. Our approach is to train parents to become advocates for the education of their children
  • PACT engages in local, state and national efforts to help provide first class citizenship for our undocumented community in Stockton
  • PACT believes that access to affordable, quality health care is a human right and not a privilege. Therefore we have worked and continue to work for the expansion of health care at the county, state and federal level
  • PACT believes in a vibrant democracy and understands the import role our infrequent voters play in the development of our democracy
No regular business hours. Please call for meeting dates and times.
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Main Location
3700 Pacific Avenue
Room 28
Stockton, CA  95204
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