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KXVS is a radio station like no other in our area. When a community has a voice, it has the power to shape its own destiny. That is why KXVS - The Voice of Stockton is bringing community radio back to Stockton, to give the community back its voice, powered by local news and information from local sources, with local sports, entertainment, arts, music, education, and other community content. Their mission is to uplift and improve our community, focused on positive communication, involvement, inclusion, development, and sustainability. They stream online at TheVoiceofStockton.org, and are building an FM station that will broadcast across the whole city on our FCC licensed frequency of 92.1 FM. While most others are corporate owned and controlled, dependent on selling airtime for commercials, or otherwise funded by special interests, they have found a way to be community produced and community funded.

All members of the community are invited to participate. They are looking for content providers, program producers, on-air talent, marketers, promoters, advocates and volunteers. Make use of your skills and talents and help the community at the same time, or join the team to learn and develop your skills in multimedia broadcasting and the business of nonprofit radio.

Varies, based on service(s) provided, on a sliding scale

KXVS offers the following services for individuals, groups, businesses, institutions, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations that are in and around Stockton, California: Announcements, Marketing, Promotion, Interviews, Stories/Articles, Features, Specials and Regularly Scheduled Program(s), Short & Long Format Production, Audio/Video Production, Videography, Photography, Graphics, and more.

Broadcasting 24 hours/day at TheVoiceofStockton.org; Office hours M-F 1pm-6pm, please call to make an appointment.
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Main Location
231 Bedford Road
Stockton, California  95204
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